Saturday, February 23, 2013

More off the page???

Normally I would say that Off the Page projects are something I just don't do - so who would believe that 2 blog posts in a row would feature exactly that???  In saying that, I've always said that the only off the page projects I'm interested in are those that have a purpose. I hate dusting so pretties that just sit around are not on my radar.  However, the craft cady which featured in my last post and today's Gratitude Jar are both pieces that I feel have a purpose for me.

I first saw the Gratitude Jar via Nic Howard 's blog where she created one for 2013 for her family and featured it on the Prima Educator's blog also.  The idea is to have strips of paper and the family simply write out any little notes about good things or challenging times conquered and put them into the jar - at the end of the year you can revisit all the positives of the year. 

I felt this would be a great new tradition to start for our family with an opening of the jar on New Year's Eve.  OK so it's taken me 2 - almost 3 - months to get it ready but with a quick flick through the calendar and some time chatting with the kids it didn't take us long to catch up for the past couple of month's blessings.

Here's my version - go look at Nic's for more inspiration.

thanks for checking in.


  1. Your sentiments about off the page items are very much like mine Jo. You have done a lovely job with the jar and I'm sure you will make good use of it.

    I have given a Liebster award to your blog:
    Check here for the details.

    1. How wonderful of you Melissa - thank you so much for the award. I'm thrilled to report that I've been using the jar regularly so let's hope it's one of those off the page items that actually has a purpose here :)