Monday, January 2, 2012

Scrappy New Year!

Well it appears that the calendars have all turned over their pages and here we are already 3 days into 2012. I hope that everyone enjoyed their New Year's celebrations and by today have recovered enough to contemplate the year ahead.

2011 for my family and I was a tumultous one and we are hoping for a less "eventful" 2012.  However, we did learn some important lessons last year about the importance of family, friends and never missing the opportunity to tell those we love how much they mean to us whilst we have the chance.

For the past couple of years I have purchased a calendar come planner which had 5 columns allowing most members of the family a column to record their activities or appointments.  It has been wonderful for keeping a track of the daily dance classes, soccer practices and birthdays which fill our lives.

This year however there was no calendar outlet at my local centre so I decided to have a go at making one myself and this way everyone got a column :)

So, here are the January and February pages - hope they inspire you to perhaps have a go at your own calendar for this year or next.

Each month features a different technique to show off your favourite products.