Sunday, February 9, 2014

Zombies are taking over my home......

My little man turned 9 a couple of weeks ago and whilst his birthday used to see me making racing track or truck cakes, this year his request for both cake and party were all zombies!!!  Eeeeek - really!
My sweet little boy has been replaced by a video game freak who wanted to spend his birthday party with his mates killing zombies on the X-Box.

Despite my reservations, I gave myself a stern talking to and other than insisting on a bland non-zombie cake to take to school on the actual day I allowed him to celebrate his birthday in the theme he wanted.  His cake request was to have a zombie hand reaching out from the grave - to say that the pinterest research for this cake was disturbing is an understatement!  Whilst there are many talented cake makers out there who can no doubt whip up a zombie hand in the blink of an eye - I'm not one of them so I decided a toy hand would have to do the trick

I was actually excited to find a confectionary warehouse within a 30 minute drive of me that stocks Halloween products all year round.  Suddenly, not only did I have access to a number of hand choices, I also had Frankenstein head cups that could double as the party treat bag, little skeletons riding a bicycle with a lollipop on the back, blood sucker lollipops, candy brains, ghost drops and other endless supplies to make this ghoulish party a success.  Now the fact that this warehouse also stocks candy by colours (a perfect addition to my Invitations business for party candy bars) of course had little to do with my excitement :)

So it was cake time - 2 x chocolate bar cakes, some black royal icing made into gravestones and the red royal icing spelling out RIP - some grated chocolate in both dark and white and a few jelly worms and the scene was set.  Have the skeleton hand reaching from the centre of the graves and a little toy skeleton propped up at the end of the grave and the job was done.  I got WOW from all the boys which I hope meant it was what they were hoping for!

Here are the party treat cups -
Now one of the mums from school had suggested I added a green ice cordial hand to the drink bowl to add to the fun.  I simply made up a green cordial and poured it into a plastic glove.  I then pegged the glove to the wires inside my freezer until frozen.  On the day of the party I cut the glove away from the now frozen hand and floated it in a punch bowl of lemonade - the green cordial coloured the lemonade an eery green and the fingers broke off one by one as the hand melted.  Each of the boys got a finger in their cup!

Now what birthday is complete without the birthday card??  So to keep in theme I hit the scrapbook room and created this little treasure.

A little zombie from clipart coloured with my American Crafts alcohol markers, the banners chipboard from Molossi treated a little differently to normal - this time coloured in the ghoulish green and looks more like steps to the dreaded basement below.  Follow this link to Molossi's site to see what other wonderful chipboard they have that you might be able to do something with a little out of the ordinary -  The Happy Birthday is again from clipart with the text added to the centre prior to printing and fussy cutting and the 9 is a little wooden number which has been coloured in the Pillarbox red ink from Dylusions - the same product used here to create the blood splatter and drip.  The background is simply Glimmermist sprayed onto white card and allowed to run down the page and then mounted onto black cardstock before being mounted to the card base.

Whilst I'm desperately hoping that by next year this phase is well and truly over, I confess doing something a little different was loads of fun.  Thanks for stopping by and sharing it with me :)

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